Why we do what we do:

"It’s difficult to judge the benefits of something like a Management Development course when you are in the middle of it, and only when you go away from it and get on with the working day are you able to determine its worth.........so, I just wanted to, again, say thanks to you both for helping me develop. It meant something to me and you’ve made a difference. I believe I am a better manager than I was before. I’m less stressed, more in control and believe I have a genuine understanding of who my staff are and what they want from their time with our company." Peter Johnson, General Manager 

About Beehive

We chose the name 'Beehive' because we think it's a great metaphor for a buzzing, creative, productive organisation. It's how we see ourselves and it's what we work towards with our clients. As a 'boutique' organisational development consultancy with a passion for what we do, our aim is to help you get the most from and give the most to your most valuable resource in your organisation – your workforce. We do this by helping you:

  • Develop leaders with resilience, integrity and courage who are inspirational role-models
  • Develop managers that motivate and achieve
  • Develop board behaviours conducive to transparency, robust challenge, and excellent decision-making
  • Engage with staff to tap into unused potential
  • Promote coaching as an activity, a management style and a culture

Our mission

Our mission is to apply the principles of sustainability to organisational learning. This 'sustainable learning' approach requires two things:

  • The development of a learning mindset - open, enquiring, interested
  • The embedding of learning activities - review, reflection, feedback, challenge, coaching, mentoring, action learning, celebration - at every level in an organisation, from board level downwards

This shift in mindset and embedding of learning activities means clients can:

  • Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover as people feel valued, engaged and supported
  • Reuse knowledge through the sharing of information and best practice and through collective working
  • Recycle – using cycles of learning and feedback to problem solve, increase efficiency and encourage innovation

When people have a learning mindset and know how to learn they almost always want to learn more. To find out more about what we do explore our website. Like us it's in a constant state of change and development. Feel free to contact us if you want to talk more about what we do.

What we offer:

  • Bespoke ILM accredited/non-accredited management and leadership development programmes 

  • ILM accredited/non-accredited management and leadership development packages including:

    1. 'First Steps to Management' programme - designed specifically for those people who are beginning to climb the managerial ladder
    2. 'The Experienced Manager' programme - for people with managerial experience who want to progress further (accredited to ILM level 5)
    3. 'Developing Resilient Leadership' - this is a strategic leadership programme that develops transformational leadership skills in experienced senior managers
  • Behavioural board level and top team reviews
  • Strategic learning and development/human performance consultancy
  • Bespoke 360 feedback tools based on your competency framework
  • Personality inventories and psychometrics including MBTI, TAIS, HBDI, 16PF etc
  • Culture change including OCI
  • Diversity training including age awareness 

Partnership with the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC)

Beehive is now a proud partner of the WCBC. 

WCBC is part of Bangor University’s Psychology Department and is a new strategic development to integrate research and business opportunities in a variety of sectors that require behaviour-based safety and productivity. Beehive is working in partnership with WCBC and corporate clients in the nuclear sector on a number of projects related to safety, in particular the impact of a coaching management style on safety culture. For more details about the WCBC visit http://behaviourchange.bangor.ac.uk/

Current and past clients include:

  • County Councils including Gwynedd, Lancashire, Conwy, Powys, Devon, Blackpool, Rossendale, Blaenau Gwent and Rochdale
  • Universities including Lancaster, Bangor, Plymouth, Bristol
  • COPDEND Dental Educators
  • Siemens Medical Diagnostics
  • Lancaster University Management School
  • GSK
  • NHS
  • Morrisons
  • Prism Medical UK
  • Cadw
  • Bangor University Management Centre
  • Careers Wales
  • Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers
  • McKinsey and Co
  • John Lewis Partnership
  • Kalyx Services
  • Defra
  • MoD
  • Barclays Bank
  • Borealis Plastics
  • BBC
  • Hertz UK
  • Conoco UK
  • Rover Cars
  • Marsh McLelland
  • Capita 
  • Magnox Ltd

Free Offer

We are passionate about organisational learning. Try this simple What? So what? Now what? model of learning review using our Beehive Effectiveness Questionnaires. Complete the questionnaires (What?), reflect on the answers you have given (So what?) and then contact us for your free 30 min consultation (Now what?)!

Beehive Management Effectiveness Questionnaire
Beehive Leadership Effectiveness Questionnaire
Beehive Board Effectiveness Questionnaire

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ILM Accredited Coaching and Mentoring Training

The next ILM Level 5/7 'Coaching and Mentoring in Organisations' programme will be held at Conwy Business Centre on June 25/26th; July 31st; and 22/23rd 2014.

 For more details contact info@beecld.co.uk or down load an info pack here 2014CoachingandMentoringinOrganisationsinfopack 2014

Beehive is an Institute of Leadership and Management Approved Centre offering coaching and mentoring cert/dip qualifications at ILM level 5 and 7. We also offer coaching at individual, team and board level, and coaching/consultancy supervision. 

"BTW, we attended the Beehive Coaching Certificate in Manchester. In a nutshell….. it was fantastic.

Paul Dundee, Project Lead, Magnox Ltd

Coaching supervision

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Board development

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Executive coaching

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Management and Leadership Development

A recent MORI poll revealed that people join organisations but leave bad managers. Good management results in the retention of knowledge and skills, makes organisational change easier, and means you get the best from all your staff and resources. We feel these are compelling reasons for any organisation to develop the potential of its managers and leaders, and we can help you do this. More information can be found on our management and leadership development page.

Beehive Coaching & Leadership Development Ltd.
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